You are welcome to book accommodation on-line. Friendly hotel at the heart of Wodzisław Śląski. Affordable accommodation.

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Price List

  • 2-room apartment - PLN 280.00 - 280.00 zł
  • Single room - 130.00 zł
  • Double room - 180.00 zł
  • Triple room - 270.00 zł
  • Quadruple room - 330.00 zł
  • Surcharge for an extra bed (+ breakfast) - 60.00 zł
  • Extra charge for pets - 50.00 zł

- Room price includes breakfast in the form of all-you-can eat buffet

- Each room has a bathroom with shower

- You may access internet (Wi-Fi) everywhere in the Ostrawa Hotel

- Possibility of putting a cot in a room

Hotel Rules - Wodzisław Śląski

1.The hotel shall be liable for loss of items brought in by persons utilizing its services, or for damage of these items, within the scope of Articles 846-849 of the Polish Civil Code. The liability of the hotel for loss of or damage to valuables, money, securities, multimedia equipment and items of scientific or artistic value shall be substantially limited if these items are not deposited at the front desk. 2.The hotel shall not be liable for damage to or loss of a car, or other vehicle belonging to a guest. 3.A hotel guest must not relinquish a room they are vacating to other persons, even if the period for which they have paid the fee for hotel stay has not yet passed. 4.Persons who are not checked into, and registered with the hotel are forbidden from staying in the hotel room throughout the night, specifically between 10 pm and 7 am. 5.Between 10 pm and 7 am, during the night, it is required to maintain silence in the hotel. 6.On account of fire safety, it is forbidden to use the following in the rooms: travel heaters, one’s own electric irons and other similar devices in which a hotel room is not equipped. 7.Every time guests leave the hotel, having closed the door of their room they must leave their key at the front desk. 8.In the event of the loss of a key, it is possible to have a duplicate made, however only on the basis of personal ID presented. 9.A hotel guest shall be materially liable for any damage or destruction of any hotel items or technical equipment for which they, or their visitors, are at fault. 10.The hotel shall have the right to refuse to check in a guest who, during his previous stay, grossly violated the Rules of the Hotel by inflicting damage to the property of the hotel or of guests, to guests, hotel staff or other persons present at the hotel premises. 11.Personal effects left by a guest who has checked out in a hotel room shall be sent back to the address provided by the guest. In the event the guest does not request so, the hotel shall keep these personal effects for 3 months, and then donate them to a charity.